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On April 29th, 2014 my life changed. I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. A friend who was a breast cancer survivor told me one day I would thank God for giving me this trial to live through.

I understand what she meant, and I am thankful for the journey. I have learned so much about my faith and my friends and family who support me. And I will never ever give up my hope of beating this deadly disease. God will bring me through it…of that I am certain.

Woven: A Single Thread Lead to My True Purpose

We all have a story, a testimony that we live each and every day. We can choose how that story ends, happily ever after or not. I believe we are all woven into unique pieces of fabric if we just place our trust in the one who is walking beside us every step of the way it will float through the air toward heaven and be beautiful to behold.

More importantly, my truth will clearly reveal how having a relationship with Jesus Christ will change your life forever and give you peace and comfort as you live out your own trials and pain. If you are searching for something missing in your life, maybe this book will lead you to what I discovered.

If you choose to purchase it, the proceeds will go to research to help us discover an early detection of pancreatic cancer. Maybe it will save lives. 

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A prayerful decision…

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My oncologist, Dr. Hani Babiker slid his chair close to my knees and took my hands in his. I had just told him I had decided to stop all treatment. No more chemo…no more clinical trials. My body just couldn’t physically take any more . A decision to stop had not been an easy one…

Thankful to give yet another update…

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Who would have thought God would grant 8 years, 9 months and 22 days of beautiful life to a pancreatic cancer patient? Well that just goes to show you that miracles DO happen! I am so thankful and beyond blessed. I also know how how blessed i am to have a support group that surrounds…


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For eight years I have been working on my memoire. When I was feeling up to it, I would write never having any expectations for a book, Maybe it would be a kind of history I could share with family. Maybe it would just end up in my trash. As time went on I felt…


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We arrived Sunday to brisk temperatures excited to get the farm ready for family that would begin to arrive on Tuesday. We would enjoy our second Thanksgiving with our family in our very special place and we couldn’t wait to smell the turkey and fixings fill the house. Since my last post I have had…

Expect the unexpected

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My shower was quick but I allowed the warm water to stream down slowly rinsing the suds from my hair. Just two appointments today, a routine blood workup, probably a couple of vials for Guardant for the cancer study and then the usual Complete Blood Count and Extended Metabolic/Electrolyte panel. Then consult with my oncologist…