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Aurora is why

Aurora is why

Aurora received a cranial helmet from JT Townsend Foundation.

Early 2013 I received a frantic phone call from a local therapist advising me of an emergency situation and asking for help. A three month old baby was sedated on the operating table awaiting surgery to correct a very serious condition called Craniosynostosis that could prevent her brain from growing and potentially cause brain damage. The surgeon had been advised that insurance had denied coverage of the surgery and treatment as “cosmetic”. They needed $2500 to pay for the helmet she needed to help form her skull after incisions had been made to relieve pressure and act as growth plates that normally would have developed. The company providing the helmet would absorb the difference in cost.

We immediately went into action and approved the grant so the surgery could be completed and the parents could be assured we would pay for the helmet, plus one or two more that could possibly be needed within the next year of healing they could not afford.

Since 2013 we have granted helmets to several other patients. Here is the story of little Aurora.

“Aurora was born in November 2017 and we noticed something was up right away. At almost 5 months, Aurora was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis and had surgery less than 2 weeks later. Following the surgery, she has to wear a helmet for a year. Enters the social worker, who I mentioned the inability to pay for 1 helmet, let alone 3, and she directed me to JT Townsend Foundation. In less than 1 day, I received a phone call from Miss Carmen, who is absolutely wonderful and caring. They paid for the first helmet for miss Aurora, and did so in a timely manner without causing me any stress over the situation at hand. What a spectacular foundation. They go above and beyond to ensure that they take care of those who need it! Words cannot express my gratitude.
Now, enjoy some visuals of my darling, Aurora, with her first helmet! Thank you so much, again, Carmen and the JT Townsend for your hard work and dedication to your community.”
Aurora’s Mother -August, 2018

The JT Townsend Foundation is truly changing lives on Florida’s First Coast. Most of our applicants have no where to turn when they come to us with their requests for adaptive equipment or financial assistance. These families have all of the normal expenses we all have plus the staggering expenses of a special needs child. Insurance covers a wheelchair and limited medical expense. JTTF can help when insurance denies. Thank you to everyone who supports this amazing non-profit.



The tart yet sweet scent of the juice took me on a mental journey back to my youth. My Grandma Kathy would eat a ruby red grapefruit every morning. The sharp knife made it’s way around the rose colored fruit as I carefully released it from its’ skin being careful to get as close to the pith as I could so I didn’t waste any of the precious fruit. Next I sliced each section as closely to the white membrane separating each piece. I always preferred tart tastes to sweet, Margaritas, sour patch kids, lemon. If she wanted to be fancy she would add a cherry to the very center before she served it up. I wanted to reach for my phone and call my Grandma Kathy to tell her about my blessed life. I wanted to share the news we are expecting another new baby early next year. She always loved the babies so. They were new and held such great possibility. They were hope of a new and unique chapter to add to the story of our family.

It had been too long since I had delighted in a grapefruit for breakfast and many years since I had enjoyed a conversation with her.

I looked at the bowl of fruit on the counter where five more rested. Tom had remarked yesterday, “Those will go bad before you eat them all.”

I hoped not.