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Following God’s prompting…

Following God’s prompting…

During my journey I have had to make some difficult decisions regarding treatment options. Praying about these decisions has brought me great comfort. Truthfully, I have given my life to God. We always pray for God’s will for us. This has lifted the burden of worry from my shoulders. Once again, I am thankful for my strong faith and ability to trust in the one who gave me life and already has it all mapped out…regardless of my input.

The month of October we faced a very serious challenge. After celebrating my 70th birthday with a trip to Napa and Vegas, I was hit with some sort of viral infection. (Or so the doctors have guess.) Just a few days after returning home, I took my scheduled chemotherapy infusion. The normal side effects seemed to hit me three days sooner than in the past and I found myself extremely ill with extreme digestive issues. By the end of the week, I was dehydrated and weak, yet still no fever.

Dr. Mody, my oncologist instructed me to go to the Mayo Emergency Department for hydration and blood tests. That afternoon I was admitted and spent five days in semi-isolation. ( Could have visitors but they had to wear gowns, until they determined the source of my condition.) The blood tests revealed declining numbers in my liver and other areas causing serious concern.

My potassium and magnesium needed a boost in one infusion and antibiotics in the other arm. My port could not be accessed for fear of contamination. For four days my digestive issues continued with a vengeance.

Finally on the fifth day, blood tests revealed I had turned the corner and were slowly heading in the right direction. The digestive issues had also subsided. It seemed the full dose of chemo I had received had been just too much for my body to withstand.

But, this was not the end. I continued to feel weak and had lost about ten pounds. (Thanking God I had a few extra pounds to shed.) I had no appetite and struggled to drink the water that would help bring me back. This continued for two more weeks.

Once again, my amazing family, friends and prayer warriors were busy praying. Deacon Dan and Fr. Matt King visited me in the hospital to administer the anointing of the sick and the Holy Eucharist. My bible study group and CRHP sisters from OLSS were lifting me up. Prayers have been heard and answered. I am truly on the mend.

It was time for my monthly chemo infusion and I was dreading it. I had prayerfully decided to ask Dr. Mody if I could take two months off from my treatment to regain my strength and make some holiday memories with the family. He agreed with a smile!

Thanking God for answering my prayers for discernment once again, as He has done with every decision I have made on this journey thus far.

My fellow PC warrior and dear friend Connie Phillips has gifted me with this beautiful nativity to remind me of Mary and Joseph and miracle of hope at Christmas.

Celebrating seven decades…

Celebrating seven decades…

My husband is continually planning trips to coincide with my chemo treatment schedule. The trips usually celebrate life. This trip deserved a little more focus, after all we were celebrating reaching another decade. I miraculously had reached my 70th birthday.

Miraculous because just 5 years ago I was given a diagnosis with a statistically low survival rate of 9% for 5 years. At that time I seriously doubted I would even see my 70th birthday, let alone be taking a trip to honor it.

Tommy had encouraged friends to come along if they could, on our five day vacation to Napa. He had organized an amazing itinerary. Each day would begin with a spa service for both of us, a limo driver would pick us up before lunchtime and and we would delight in private wine tastings at just two of the finest vineyards Napa has to offer. We would be driven to a perfectly selected dinner spot then taken back to our hotel to sit by the outdoor fireplace and reflect on the day. Perfectly planned by this seasoned Napa admirer.

Our dear friends Pete and Pam

Only one couple could get away for the adventure, Pete and Pam. They had never been to Napa but accompany us on most of our adventures. We are great traveling buddies.

The trip was just fantastic and we found ourselves relaxed and refreshed after leaving. We couldn’t wait to share with our friends back home the delicious and very special wines we had purchased on our trip. Now on to the second leg of this birthday celebration… Las Vegas!

It was certainly a birthday celebration to remember.

Thank you my sweet Joseph!