A perfect day…

Last Friday was a perfect day.  It was the first springlike day we have experienced this year. Our temperatures have not reached eighty in over ninety days. Yes, this is Florida.  But this day was warmer, the sun was shining and the birds, recently having returned from the South and nesting over their precious eggs, darted  through the sky in search of food.  It was also the perfect day for two “lovebirds” to speak their vows under a pergola in a special park on the river in front of close friends and family

Abby asked my talented brother Ernie if he could construct an outdoor altar under which the wedding ceremony could take place. She provided some drawings and pictures of what she had in mind and he began his magic.  Over two weeks he was able to build, sand, stain and lacquer a lovely pergola that could be disassembled and moved to the couples back yard, a permanent reminder of their wedding day. On that perfect Friday Lindsay and I met Ernie at the site where he bolted the altar securely in place just a few feet from a retaining wall on the St. Johns River.  Lindsay went to work with a bolt of white fabric a spool of deep purple ribbon, push pins, some purple paper lanterns and  six shepherds hooks.  One hundred white chairs were delivered and the DJ set up his equipment  as we draped the airy white gauze over the end of each protruding support.  We gathered the fabric and secured it with purple ribbon streamers.  It was beautiful. But, something was missing.

After a short trip, I returned with bundles of fresh purple and white lilys, bright green dipped carnations, plenty of fresh fern and a roll of strapping tape.  It was so peaceful sitting in the warm sun next to the river as Ernie and I wrapped and taped and spun two beautiful flower chains. Lindsay and I placed them strategically on  top of the white fabric covered pergola and secured it with wire.  The flowers were just the touch it needed.

Abby & Dennis were married that day, by a special friend who made it official, under that lovely hand made altar covered in fresh flowers. It was a very perfect day for a very perfect couple!

Thank you for letting us be a small part of your wedding day.

Congratulations and our very best wishes to you both.

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