Are you an encourager?

Do you lift up or pull down? Do you build up or do you drag down? Have you played the “devil’s advocate”? When someone comes to you with an idea or a decision the way you react have immense impact on them and their ability to succeed. It can lead to high self-concept or dash one quickly into insecurity and doubt.

Subtle looks or reactions display our concern, our doubts, our trepidation. Without even having uttered a word we can dash a dream into the ground and stomp on it, shattering it into a million pieces.

Encouraging words have an opposite effect. They lift up and boost confidence. They allow the mind to continue to create the what if’s and the how to’s of an idea.

As a Mother, it is often difficult to lay down our fears, to not be that protectress, to buy into the dream without hesitation.

But, nothing can be gained if something is not lost. Success is not handled out free of charge. Hard work and determination, sacrifice and dedication are the keys to changing that dream into a reality.

Besides, who wants to be around a discourager, the person who finds the worst possible scenario and dissects it frame by frame?

Before you open your mouth…….determine if you are really saving the person from disaster. Or could you be jealous of this persons moxie or tenacity?

Be an encourager. Be the biggest fan. Be supportive even when the success could leave you hurting…help them to make sound decisions by encouraging and giving positive input.

Help change the world. Be an encourager.

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