a perfect day?

Treasures from the sea....

Sunday marks the first day of Spring. The winter was long and although tolerable, the break in the weather is welcomed.

People are friendlier on my walks and bike rides to the ocean. They wear bright colors and expose their milky white skin in hopes of easing into that beautiful sun-kissed look.

The flowers are perky and colorful and the grass has finally turned a beautiful light green. Vegetable plants, herbs and flowers fill local nurseries as the cars line up to score the perfect mix for this years garden design. Mowers are humming up and down the street as the gardens are cleared and replanted and fresh new mulch is spread in preparation for our annual Players Championship.

The birds are plentiful in the bright blue sky. Today I saw a huge formation of geese heading north. Some  of the travelers visited a bit longer this year, basking in the sunny warmth of the hills and streams surrounding the golf course.

The ocean tides seem to reach farther out to sea this time of year leaving the spring sea harvest of cockle shells and coquina, jelly fish and more. Little feisty fiddler crabs dance sideways across the warm sand folding like origami as they escape into holes just beyond the reach of the waves.

Spring-breakers swarm in groups along the beach tossing frisbees and flexing white arms as the bikinis’ lay on colored towels close by tapping to the sounds from their earbuds. Sunbathers are peering into paperbacks having left their blanket at home. Locals power-walk as their dogs run alongside a bit friskier than normal. Everyone smiling in salutation as they pass.

Seafood restaurants are overflowing with Lenten observers on Friday evenings. In an instant one can recognize the familiar smell of a BBQ grilling nearby.

Another wonderful season is upon us.  We are so blessed.

I ponder over the victims in Japan and feel a pang of guilt wash over me as I silently ask God to be with them.

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