I love technology……almost as much as I love my Jude.

Our Little Gondolier

Our little Gondolier
Our little Gondolier
Jude Video Hey Mom……
Click on the above colored words and this is sure to cheer you up after reading all of the sad things.
Lindsay sings to baby Jude
Seems my Blog has become a bit morbid with all of this PC stuff! Thought I would lighten things up a bit with some great shots and videos of the greatest gift God gave us to help us during our journey.
Jumpin myself to sleep.....
Jumpin myself to sleep…..

Grandpa is babysitting......
Grandpa is babysitting……

Lookin like Shrek
Lookin like Shrek

5 mos and 8 days...
5 mos and 8 days…

Wedding Attire.....
Wedding Attire…..

My first Halloween Costume
My first Halloween Costume

Each morning Lindsay captures a cute shot of Jude and sends it over to start our day with a smile. We have grown to expect them and if one doesn’t arrive we are slightly disappointed. Here are a few to share.

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