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The holidays were really wonderful this year after taking a much needed three month break from chemo treatments. My last infusion was October 15th and the immediate reaction was extremely difficult. I began to have nausea and digestive issues, chill and fever that afternoon. Two days later I visited the ER for fluids and to attempt to stop the symptoms that were continuing. I was admitted and remained in semi-isolation for five days.

After many blood tests and digestive scans it was determined I had contracted some sort of viral infection. Liver enzymes were spiraling in the wrong direction and I was weak and losing weight.

Several IV antibiotics were prescribed and in a few days, as soon as the liver enzymes began the slow return, and the nausea and such stopped, they sent me home.

To say I was dreading the two week appointment for my next chemo treatment was no exaggeration. But, I headed to Mayo for bloodwork and my oncology appointment. As soon as Dr. Mody entered the consultation room I announced I was going to take a break from my treatments.

His reaction was welcomed. “Good”, he said, agreeing with my unusual non-compliance. “Let’s take a break till mid January and see what we need to do after a CT scan.”

We left his office in high spirits and Tom began to make holiday plans for a trip to NYC and our annual Christmas Eve Open House. I was ecstatic.

We filled the next three months with family fun, parties, trips and dinners. Within a few weeks, I was back to feeling almost normal. Well, better than I had in many months.

I tucked my fears deep and partied on, knowing full well I would have to face the CT scan in January and whatever results it would declare, I would have to accept.

Laying on the table during the scan I prayed that whatever God’s will for me would be, we would handle it. I have the best doctors in the field of oncology to lead me and several treatment plans both conventional and even a little experimental to choose from. But, I knew we would handle the news no matter what it was just as we always had with courage and strength found solely in our faith in God.

My blood work looked good, well better then it had, we only needed now to hear what Dr. Mody would reveal.

My son Scott and daughter Lindsay accompanied me to the appointment as Tommy, my Jospeh was unable to attend. He texted to let him know the results immediately. It was great to have them with me.

As Dr. Mody entered the room I felt a rush of worry. He rushed thru the “hello’s” and as his eyes met mine he said, ” The scan was stable. Everything looks the same.” My eyes filled with tears of joy and the kids both joined in my elation. Dr. Mody suggested we go two months before another scan and no chemo treatments.

Had I continued my treatments I would not have been able to make the sweet memories our family and friends shared during this holiday season. I was once again thankful to God who had lead me to this bold decision.

Prayer is powerful. Family, friends, everyone was praying for me. I knew by the texts and phone calls I received they were lifting me up.

My Jospeh and I count our life in increments of weeks and months, choosing to be grateful for even the days we are able to be together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone lived this way? After all, none of us are promised tomorrow.

Thanking God for His favor and for my family and friends who battle with me every step of this journey.

I tucked my fears deep and partied on, knowing full well I would have to face the CT scan in January and whatever results it would declare, I would have to accept.

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  1. That is great news. I was diagnosed in September 18 with stage 4 and mets to my liver. I did 19 rounds of folifirinox and 2 immunotherapy trial vaccines. I have been on a chemo break since the end of August 19 and for 75% of the time I feel very well. I worry about the cancer growing and spreading further but there is nothing I can do to stop that so I continue to live a busy and contented life. Good luck. X

  2. Your story is similar to mine. I believe God is in control and I put my trust in Him. Live each day to the fullest. God Bless you and keep you.

  3. In 2017 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I had 28 chemo sessions and in Sept of 2019, 6 was radiation along with daily chemo. My scan in Dec show shrinkage of huge amount so I’ve had no treatments since Sept and loving everyday. I get a scan in 2 months. It’s scary, no treatments but this is what God has chosen for me so I accept it but fight it also. My relationship with God and prayer is strong so we will fight this together. Right now I am thankful everyday for living this life with my hubby and family, who are my big supporters. Never give in, never let it take over and smile everyday! Life and God is good!

  4. As a Spiritual Director(?) for your CRHP team, which seems like a million years ago, I met you and worked with you on your witness. I remember this about you:
    A beautiful woman, who had(has) this need to spread her love and faith in Jesus. A strong need to let others share this same joy you had(have). Jesus is so lovingly proud of you, Judy, for doing exactly that in everything you do. Meeting you a few weeks ago in the back of church, we briefly spoke and I said that the a “gift” of challenge either draws us closer to Jesus or we question the motive behind the “gift.” You have used your “gift” (cancer) as Jesus knew you would- showing us true faith and love. As a friend, thank you. Thank you for your giving heart, embracing your fears and being so open and honest. It is such a privilege to be your friend and by being your friend, thank you for bringing me closer to Jesus by your faith!!! I remember my first CRHP weekend, during the Saturday afternoon mass, the mass that we had to make a “promise” to God about what we would “do” for Him(or something close to this) and then whisper into the priests ear this promise-I promised that I “would” see the face of Jesus in everyone I met—–and I have seen Him in everyone, especially in you…. I pray that you have peace, love, joy and when you see His face in heaven, that Jesus gives you the biggest hug ever- and when this day happens, I will be so very sad! I know that you will be with me as I walk the beach, as I find my favorite shell( the one that has many small shells attached to it that I call it God’s flower), and know you are with me-! Love you

  5. Dear Judy,

    I will always have a soft spot in my heart for you. I’d love to talk or exchange emails.

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