Wearing out

One wintry morning on secluded Ponte Vedra BEach

The walks on the beach ended up being a very bad idea. Why is it that every time you get “hooked” on something you find that it is bad for you? Our morning bike rides/walks were just the perfect way to begin the day. It set the pace for eating and making good choices. How could that be bad you ask? In two weeks from today I will have surgery on my ankle to remove a small tumor on the outside of my ankle bone and repair the stress fracture that it caused. Now was the tumor the cause of the pain and stress on my fibula, or was it the uneven sand that created the little nodule that causes my tendon to snap every time I walk? Sort of a question like the chicken and the egg. But, regardless of where the fault lies….one fact remains clear. I am wearing out.

Two Bald Eagles perch atop one of the beautiful houses along the beach.

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