In sickness and in health.

Sunflowers from my friend!

Two days now we have been blessed with a soaking rain. I lay upright on my bed and peer out the shutters at the overflowing gutters and enjoy the darkness the cloud cover has brought in this early August afternoon. Such a respite from the scorching sun and steamy humidity of a mid summer day in Coastal North Florida. The rain will quench the thirsty plants and turn the stiff thick grass a deeper green, and I am thankful.

Exactly seven days ago I underwent surgery on my ailing ankle to remove a small benign tumor that was causing a stress fracture of my fibula. I lay with my bandaged and splinted leg elevated…per Doctors instruction…and enjoy the down time this injury has afforded me. It has been six months since I have biked or power walked the beach…per Doctors instruction…attempting to repair the injury with a conservative approach to no avail. The Doctor advised the injury should have healed by now. The tumor must come out and the bone must be scraped. A bone graft must be done to repair the bone. “Your life will change, more than you will know.” he said. “Six weeks in a cast and no driving because this is your right foot.”

Surgery was smooth and I was given pain meds to help me through first few days and antibiotics to insure no infection. He forgot to tell me about the pain of the bone graft!! Geeze. But, severe pain only lasted one night. By Thursday, I was done with the strong meds.

Tomorrow I have my post-op appointment and the plastic splint will be removed and replaced with a plaster cast. The results of the pathology report will be discussed and I will have my first glimpse of the incision.

The refrigerator is filled with containers of yummy food provided by caring friends and neighbors. Beautiful flowers adorn the family room and bedroom. It is wonderful to see the love they show us.

My sweet husband was my nurse, my housemaid and my biggest supporter.Even through a weakening upper respiratory infection caught on an airplane, and poison oak patches itching and oozing all over his body, he never left me for more than a couple of hours. He cooked, he cleaned, he did laundry! He showed his love for me in such a tender and compassionate way. I will never forget this. In sickness and in health….

I am blessed!

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