Purple hydrangea

Easter Sunday will be here in just four days. The menu is agreed upon and the guest list is growing. Today I need to begin gathering for a fun family weekend however, my car DIED! Yes, the battery is dead…dead…totally dead. It won’t even hold a charge. So, the tow truck cometh and hopefully I will be back on the road by noon.

While I wait for the truck, I water and prune and pluck. Oh, and snap this great picture which is now my desktop!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Thanks Kristi my Sister In Law…Yolanda shares a commonality with you….you both have lived in Hawaii. We all love our flowers. I am so happy she showed me your blog. It is amazing! I am just beginning. I work more on my writing than my blog content. But, I need to step it up! Thanks for the great ideas! Judi

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