The ticking time bomb…

Every six weeks we face a CT scan and MRI to determine what is happening deep within my lungs with the tumors that were discovered to be metastasized pancreas cancer in late June 2018. Blood work is drawn and can be a precursor for activity of the tumors, but not always. The anticipation we endure is indescribable. It is like living with a ticking time bomb in your body, never knowing when the bomb will go off.

Today the bomb went off. One of the newest tumors in my left lung doubled in size in just six weeks.

The other eight tumors in my right lung remained stable. But now there are two or three in my left lung and Dr. Ko remarked that “the one that grew pretty significantly is concerning.”

My cancer mets are now considered “progressive”.

Now we face decision time. What are our treatment options we ask our radiology oncologist who specializes in lung disease? Dr. Ko works side by side with my hematology oncologist to guide us. His answer today was a possible targeted therapy that would focus on eradicating the tumor with radiation. The plus side is the treatment would offer limited side effects with only a five percent chance of effecting my lung capacity. And, it would not effect my quality of life, which to this time has been amazingly good. The down side is it will not effect the other tumors whatsoever. After the targeted radiation therapy we would typically wait six more weeks for a CT scan. Now that the cancer is progressive, it is impossible to determine if the other tumors will begin to grow as well.

Between appointments we visited our church to talk to God about the latest development and to pray for strength and courage and discernment to make the right decisions. He never disappoints. We both left the church feeling a peaceful calm. Thank goodness we have our faith.

The second option is aggressive chemotherapy. this would in fact attempt to eradicate all the tumors and hopefully make some disappear, the others to shrink. But, the downside is the side effects of aggressive therapy. My quality of life for eight weeks and a few beyond would suffer.

So what do we do?

My amazing husband has two trips planned. One, an annual trip to Vegas for Super Bowl and a Lady Gaga concert…and a trip to Southern California to accompany him to a trade show in late March. Will I be able to make these trips we ask? Dr. Mody studies the calendar and comes up with some dates. It looks like we can make this work.

I tolerated the chemo regimen very well the first time, no reason to think I won’t this time. I might be a little tired, but I know I can make it. I won’t let this stop me from living my best life.

We begin chemo on Saturday. Thank you Jesus!

I hope I can make it to Lady Gaga…

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  1. Judi so sorry you are going through this. We know God has a plan for all things and your open demonstration of faith is so important to show many people where their help comes from. He loves that you lean on Him and that you love Him, that you let people know that He is your strength, the One you turn to. You’re planting so many seeds of faith by bringing fiends with you on this journey. Thank you for that and you are in my prayers for a successful round of chemo with minimal side effects.

  2. Much love to you Judi. Prayers for total healing and praise for Gods blessing of courage and a plan. I hate this for you. Your grace in handling all of this is such a lesson in love and acceptance.

  3. You and Tom are so strong in your faith, and what a tremendous gift it is! May you continue to trust God and live your best life ever. We are praying for you every day.

  4. Judi, your life and family shine even in times of great difficulty. Don and I love you and your family and are standing with you and Tom in your battle against this beast.

  5. Judy…. your his girl, God is with you no matter where you go.. I’m praying for healing and peace for you and your family…. I love your zeal for life, you inspire me.. Ivette

  6. Judy I am so very sorry to hear this news. You have been so much. Never give up, with God on your side is much stronger than any medicine known to man. The Lord performs miraculous deeds every day. I am praying that healing comes to you and that you whip this situation and become healthy again.
    May God bless you and be with you🙏🏻

  7. God Bless you again and again. You are a beautiful, strong woman. The Lord walks with you on this journey . Love you.

  8. A friend forwarded me your blog and I read it and was so amazed and encouraged. My medical story is so close to yours I had the whipple surgery in October 2015 Dr Asbun followed by chemo and radiation. nsi also see Dr Mody at Mayo Clinic. In December 2017 they saw nodules in my lungs and a biopsy was done and it had metastasized. I have been doing chemo since March 2018. My faith, family and friends have been my continuous support. God has put many new people in my life through this journey and I would love to talk with you if you have the time. My number is 904-509-2179
    Praying for you and glad to hear you are doing well God Bless

  9. Judi, our daughter, Jenni, told me of your most recent scan results. To say I am sorry does not seem what I should say to a person who seems a bit, or a lot, like me. Having had a few health issues, I believe I would respond “do not be sorry, put a smile on your face and a prayer in your heart for me”. That is what my thoughts are for you, after a brief tear. Lady Gaga here you come! Prayrts and a hug your way! Fondly, Toosie

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