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Out for a spring stroll, Grandpa and Jude. Click on the video below...
Out for a spring stroll, Grandpa and Jude.
Click on the video link below… “This is what love looks like ” said one of my friends.
Grandpa Lugi & Jude 3/5/15

Grandpa Lugi had left chilly Cleveland just after the holidays to winter with his Florida family in warm sunshine. Well, if you were to ask him, he would tell you “it wasn’t so sunny, and it wasn’t warm.” It was one of our coldest and dreariest winters, yet Tom found a few days he could convince Grandpa to play a few holes of golf. Grandpa took a couple of Advil and off he went grumbling about the cold all the way. But, he always related some good golf stories when he returned as he tried to warm himself by the fire.

My radiation and chemo treatments ended December 24th, so there were limited Mayo visits, and my strength was slowly returning day by day. We had committed to watching baby Jude two or three days per week and I welcomed the help Grandpa Lugi provided in carrying him around the house and helping fetch items from the nursery upstairs when I needed them. He was a huge help.

We have not had a baby in the family for 13 years. Tommy & Olivia were the last. When they were born they lived in Palm Harbor, Fl. four hours away, so our visits were limited. We never really got to enjoy the day to day experience of watching them as they learned new things about the world and their milestones of crawling, walking and talking. So, when Lindsay and Matt, Lindsay being our youngest and only daughter presented us with Jude just a week after my DX of PC, it was as if God had sent this little bundle of joy to keep us focused on the positive. What a little carrot he turned out to be for everyone in the family, including Grandpa Lugi.

Grandpa Lugi called Jude many different names since the time he heard Lindsay was carrying a boy. When Jude was born he settled on “Ricky Bobby” and that was the name he called him by most of the time.

As time flew by, I became stronger and in March, Grandpa Lugi returned to Cleveland missing his daughters and his buddies from the gym who would come by the house to play cards once in awhile. He missed his old routine.
It was time for him to go back.

This video was captured thru the window the day before he left. I wish I could hear what he was saying to him. But, I know he is up in Cleveland thinking about him right now. Little “Ricky Bobby” stole Grandpa Lugis’ heart.

He will return for TPC and I know he will be showing him all about what happens during that magical week here in Ponte Vedra during The Players.
First time in pvic pool

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