All because two people fell in love…

My beautiful sister and her sweet husband of over fifty-years!

The wedding DJ announced, “All married couples report to the dance floor.”  Around thirty couples proceeded, of the one hundred-twenty people attending the wedding of my grand-niece and her fiance as the speakers echoed “The Way you Look Tonight”. About a minute into the song the DJ asked those married less than five years to leave the floor. Several couples returned to their tables while some stood close by to watch those remaining twirl around the room. After another minute he asked couples married less than ten years to leave the floor.  He repeated his command until he reached twenty-five years, leaving only  a scattering of couples behind. At thirty years both parents of the bride and groom departed the dance floor. All that remained were two sweet lovebirds, leaning gracefully on one another. He guided her to the melody, slowly swaying across the floor like a prince with his Cinderella. This endearing couple were dreaming of  their own wedding fifty-three years before. All because two people fell in love, the ceremony had taken place that evening.  You see, they were the proud grandparents of the beautiful young woman in the angelic bridal gown.

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  1. That is SOOOO sweet Aunt Judy-great post!!! They were very shocked and I am so glad we could honor them at our wedding!! Will send pictures soon… love and miss you all!!

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