I choose to believe God…

They say that pancreas cancer tumors rarely disappear with chemo. Usually the best you can ask for is a stable scan where no new tumors develop and the ones you have don’t show any significant growth. Well, the two images above are a comparison from six weeks ago to yesterday after I completed my chemotherapy regimen of Abraxane and Gemcitabine. The 2.5cm tumor on the right is ALMOST gone.

My oncologist, Dr. Mody did not perform a biopsy on the tumor to determine unequivocally it was pancreas cancer. The pathology reports from the lung resections had confirmed pancreas cancer mets, but some of the tumors may have been benign. We will never confirm scientifically that this tumor was or was not of pancreas cancer origin. But, we do know it almost disappeared thanks to the chemo treatment.

I believe that God heard the prayers of you, His faithful servants. I believe He has more work for me to do. I believe I have been given more time, and I plan to use it to honor and glorify Him every single day.

In two weeks I will begin another chemo treatment plan to hopefully take care of the rest of that tumor. I am so thankful for your positive thoughts and prayers.

They are working.

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  1. Wow! First of all..I LOVE this pic of you..not only beautiful, but your LIGHT shines through! Secondly..that tumor is dust! Yay! Keep up the good work! Love and hugs! Thirdly..I think you SHOULD get a really cute, pixie cut type wig. For fun, not because you need it for looks, but because I see you in one, looking too cute and happy for words. Just sharing my impressions. So happy for you!

  2. I AM SO HAPPY AND THRILLED FOR YOU.! You are amazing with your positive outlook. Keep up the posts because the good news makes us all happy for you. You are an inspiration. Also you need to continue all the good works you do for others. Lot of love from all the Pasquale family!

  3. I’m so excited to read this..you are such a rockstar you keep kicking this cancer ♋️ please! I love you 🎈your faith and fight is amazing 😉 love you Judy 💕

  4. This is the most wonderful news! You are God’s beautiful gift to your family and so many. May God continue to bless you!

  5. Judy,
    So happy you are doing so well. Emery has encountered a small nodule found in his lung and diagnosed as cancer this week. We saw Dr Modi yesterday. Prayers are a powerful force—Keeping you in ours.

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