Listen for God’s direction and know He examines your heart

Often I struggle with messages from God. Are they really from Him? Could the evil one be steeling His secret path into my heart and mind?

A lot of the time it is a serious answer I wait on.

Recently I had agreed to step out of my comfort zone and do something that involved my family and a very sensitive situation. It could easily be misconstrued as haughty and boastful, and my family expressed their concern and discomfort about it.

I wanted to move forward as my true intent was to glorify God and to witness for Him. My family was not buying my explanation. The night before this was to take place I was restless and found myself praying for God to send me a sign, a really clear stop me dead in my tracks sign, if I was not supposed to do this.

The morning sunlight streamed thru my bedroom window and I arose still unsure of what I was doing. But, I trudged forward preparing as best I could.

The day unfolded almost magically. The family was committed and involved and God led us each step of the way.

My confirmation came clearly and in the most remarkable way. Yes, I was to do this. And my reward for taking this leap of faith was a blessing to others. Know that God examines your heart. He looks at your intentions and if they are pure and glorify Him, they are right.

My family also received a lesson that day without me even having to utter one word.

God wants us to show His light through our daily actions. If we have an opportunity to shine, and we do it, even if it is uncomfortable, it pleases Him.

Seek His direction and follow your heart.

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  1. Hi Judi, I sent the below to Beth Reese Cravey who wrote an article in Times-Union recently about you. It is very nice to be cancer free!


    Good Morning Beth,

    You wrote an article in the Times-Union in late December 2013 about Patrick McLaughlin and his encounter with pancreatic cancer. You put me in touch with Pat. I have become a committee member of the Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition of which Pat is the founder and am currently the webmaster of their website FLPCC.ORG . I am one of a few in this area that did not have their Whipple procedure at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I had my Whipple and pancreatic cancer treatment at the Duke University Cancer Center in 2013. I lived with my daughter in Apex, NC, for eight months while getting my treatment at DUMC. I was born in Charleston, SC, and lived there for fifty years before my job moved me to southeast Georgia. I think you told me you are from Rock Hill and a graduate of Clemson. My wife graduated from Winthrop in 1969. It was still a girls college at that time.

    You wrote an article in the Times-Union recently about another person who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer who is from Ponte Vedre Beach. Her name is Judi Zitiello. Please put me in touch with her. The Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition is having a Symposium at the Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel on the evening of October 23, 2013, and would like to invite Judi to attend ( We have several doctors from the Mayo Clinic and one doctor from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston speaking at the Symposium. Judi’s surgeon, Dr. Asbun, will be one of the speakers.

    Thank you,

    Sidney Walker

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