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The wedding is nearly eight months past. Most of her clothes and personal things are gone from the bedroom she occupied for the last seventeen years. The items in the closet are mostly platters and various wedding gifts being saved for the Garrity home when they have more space. It is time to move on…..she sure has.

Certainly we need a new quilt for the bed. I have been perusing the Pottery Barn catalogs for just the right look. Her antique iron and brass full bed is from the turn of the century. (Well, it is not quite “full” enough when the Garrity family including Finn sleeps over). But it is cozy. I found a great patchwork quilt with many nice colors, washable and durable. The Shabby Chic white ruffled bedskirt, shams and duvet cover will work just fine with the quilt. So, all I need to do is choose the wall color.

My brother Ernie had installed hardwood floors in the room after she let the bathtub overflow one night. We were sitting in the family room when we heard water dripping from the powder room ceiling light fixture. Lindsay ran up the stairs to find the room soaked with bath water. It was time to upgrade to wood flooring.

Then, just a few years later, he added beaded board and a shelf surrounding the room. We decided to paint it white to match the wood trim surrounding the windows and the baseboards. The look was beachy and fun and she could place the pictures of her friends all around the room. It was perfect for a teenage girl.

Funny how we pick up great ideas over the years. Like, fall in love with the bedspread before you fall in love with a color. It is far easier to find the paint then it is to find the perfect spread in a color to compliment your paint.

We still have work to do, but, the “second” spare bedroom is coming along nicely. When I walk into the room, it holds fond memories of Lindsay and her friends. Changing the paint will not make it anything other than her room. It will always be Lindsay’s room to me and her Dad.

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