Notice the small tomato to the left of the larger one! Now all we need is patience.

Planting a seed is a miraculous thing. You dig a hole and place this tiny ovule that has been in dormancy deep down covering it with a protection of soil. Then you sprinkle it with water to jumpstart the germination process. All that is needed is some sunshine from above and before you know it, fine little pale green sprouts begin to wriggle their way to the surface. With continued watering and light from above, the weak little sprout strengthens and reaches for more water and more light from above. The stem becomes strong and leaves begin to form, still reaching upward toward the light. After a time a tiny bud slowly unfurls from its protected place at the base of the leaf joined to the stem. At first it is tight but it’s layers soon relax as it feels the warmth of the sun. Within days the miracle manifests itself in colorful soft petals of the flower…then the fruit.

Our Bible study group is currently working on a Beth Moore Study entitled “Stepping Up”. It is a journey through the Psalms of Ascent, a compilation of 15 psalms, 120 thru 134, and we are almost half-way through.

Last week I was sharing with the girls how clearly I recognize my need to stay in God’s Word. When our group of around 25 ladies is between studies we take a few weeks off. During that time I occasionally pick up my Bible, but certainly not daily, as I do in the midst of a nurturing study.

The studies, even when repeated, teach me so much about my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, about myself and the person I strive to be. I am human, and often in my humanness I fall short of what pleases God. But, I have learned I can seek forgiveness and try again to be that person. There is a lesson in each failure. God will help me through it and even in the darkness He will wrap His arms around me tightly. But, there will be light again. He will be pleased, and I will be beautiful in His sight.

Everyone needs to plant a garden…..

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