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One of my very dear friends, Debbie had a close friend pass away a couple of years ago from a long painful illness. Near the end of this strong Christian’s fight her friends gathered at her bedside. They put on the praise music and passed the hours by reading passages from books about heaven and eternal life. Debbie shared that her friend handled her illness in such a strong way. I could only hope to be able to do the same. But, the thought of your dearest Sisters in Christ gathered around you in your final hours sharing in the excitement of the journey you are about to take comforts me. It is as if it were a vacation and the books were travelogs describing the beautiful sights you would see.
Thanks to Debbie for sharing this tender memory with me. I have decided to gather phases and descriptions of heaven. Our Wednesday morning Bible study group just completed a seven week Beth Moore study on the Psalms of the Ascent called “STEPPING UP”

Beth Moore, Lifeway

This will be the first in my journal. It is a paragraph from one of the final days lessons written by Beth Moore. I hope it comforts you and if you read this and know anyone who is afraid of death, that you will share it with them.

“The destination of any trip sets the tone of travel. You and I are not on our way to a funeral like many of those who surround us. We who are in Christ are on our way to a wedding of such glorious and expensive proportions that we’ll have to change our clothes from mortal to immortal just to survive the thrill. Yes, as the psalmist said, joy cometh in the morning (Ps. 30:5 KJV) but the very anticipation invites it into our night.”

Her final blessing upon others at the end of her study is this:

“When life is excruciating, may you find the strength in Christ to crawl on your hands and knees, sowing the Word of God and watering it with your tears. May you never forget you are inconceivably loved and that God will prove infinitely faithful. And, on your way to the great feast in the heavenly Jerusalem, may you glance often to your tight and to your left and offer a fellow pilgrim a helping hand. May the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth, bless you from Zion.”

Thank you Beth Moore. You are truly anointed.

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